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Dogelon CEO; It is a new memecoin member of the BSC ecosystem. It is entirely owned by the community as contract ownership has been relinquished. Dogelon CEO name was created by combining Dogecoin, Elonmusk and Elon Musk's Twitter ‘’CEO.

Dogelon CEO; Its native token is DogelonCEO. There is a 5% buy and sell tax depending on the contract feature. 50% of the tokens are completely burned. Dogelon CEO; It was created to benefit from the fomos of Elon Musk and Dogecoin by name, and a community was created.

Dogelon CEO basically aims to be like Dogecoin, Shibacoin or Floki coin. Dogelon CEO; It will develop more with Elon Musk's support of doge communities.

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